The Complete Guide to the Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet, which it replaced, is the original example of this restrictive eating style. The ketogenic diet may be the “it” low-carb diet for weight loss right now. Low-carb diets like the Atkins and Keto plans may help with weight loss, diabetes management, and heart health, according to dietitian Vanessa Rissetto, RD, of Hoboken, New Jersey.

According to Rissetto, one major distinction between Atkins and keto is that you gradually increase your carb intake while on Atkins, but keto is significantly higher in fat. The keto diet, she continues, “remains very low in carbs, allowing your body to remain in ketosis and burn ketones for energy.”

There are now three variations of the diet, which is also known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach. (1)

It is recommended for those who:

Would like to shed more than 40 pounds (lb)
have a waist measurement of more than 40 inches for men or 35 inches for women (men)
possess type 2 diabetes or prediabetes

It is recommended for those who:

To drop fewer than 40 pounds
are you breastfeeding or pregnant?
impose a broader range of foods in the diet

It is recommended for those who:

desire to keep their current weight
are expecting
are trying to maintain their weight while breastfeeding
Consult with your healthcare team prior to beginning any Atkins diet regimen, especially if you are pregnant.

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