The weariness of COVID-19 survivors

Asthenia, also known as physical and mental exhaustion, is characterized by a decline in energy, weakness, irritation, and anxiety. People with long-term asthenia may decide to consume minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to bolster their bodies and provide them with the energy they need for daily activities.

ApportAL® is one such supplement that contains 19 crucial nutrients to help with both physical and mental exhaustion. The main purposes of its components are as follows:

Immune: supports the immune system’s regular operation.
Contributes to maintaining healthy muscle function is muscle.
Antioxidant: encourages cellular defense against oxidative stress
Energizing: promotes healthy energy metabolism and lessens tiredness
For people who need a quick energy boost, experience bouts of exhaustion and frequent fatigue, are recuperating from the flu, have diets with poor nutritional consumption, or have deficits in particular nutrients, ApportAL® is a helpful dietary supplement. People who regularly engage in physical activity can also benefit from it.

The minerals in ApportAL®, including iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, and magnesium, are in Sucrosomial® form, a cutting-edge process that has been patented by Pharmanutra S.p.a. This method allows for great absorption and excellent gastrointestinal tolerability of these crucial minerals by encasing the mineral inside a matrix of phospholipids and sucrose esters of fatty acids.

Some people who contract the COVID-19 virus experience long-term effects known as “chronic COVID syndrome” or “Long-COVID.” Persistent fatigue, sometimes known as tiredness, which may continue for months after the infection has ended, is one of the condition’s most typical symptoms. There have been reports of this symptom in people of various ages, regardless of how severe their initial COVID-19 infection was.

Dr. Vincenzo Galluzzo and colleagues from the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario “Agostino Gemelli” IRCCS of Rome recently conducted a study in Italy titled “Fatigue in Covid-19 survivors: The potential impact of a nutritional supplement on muscle strength and function” (Italy). 2

The purpose of this study was to assess a small subset of participants who had previously received COVID-19 and were experiencing fatigue in relation to their use of the daily supplement “ApportAL®.” The purpose of the study was to examine how the supplement affected the participants’ laboratory test results, body composition, muscular function, and self-rated health. 2

30 participants in the study suffered from Post-COVID Syndrome after the acute stage of the illness. From the day of enrolment, the subjects were told to take one sachet of ApportAL® every day for 28 straight days. After taking ApportAL® for the first time, participants were assessed both at the initial visit and a control visit.

The participant’s laboratory data, body composition, muscle function, and self-rated health were all measured during both evaluations (first and control), which also included the following tests:

Evaluation of participants’ ferritin levels and typical blood biochemistry using laboratory parameters.
Body Composition: Participants’ body composition was examined using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA).
Muscular Function: Several assessments of muscle function were made, including tests of hand grip strength and strength to exhaustion.
Self-Rated Health: Before COVID-19, at the initial evaluation, and at the control, a Visual Analog Scale (VAS) was used to assess self-rated health.
The study’s findings showed that the subjects’ physical performance and muscle strength increased significantly.

The study’s findings showed that COVID-19 survivors with tiredness who took ApportAL® for 28 days experienced “a significant improvement in terms of muscle strength and physical performance, along with enhancement of self-rated health” between the initial assessment and the controlled assessment. 2

The primary distinction between this study and a prior one (M.S. Rossato et al., 2021) is that the current study demonstrates objectively the value of using ApportAL® on the improvement of muscle strength and physical performance, leading to an overall improvement in the quality of life and well-being of subjects in the difficult recovery phase following an acute disease such as COVID-19.

It is crucial to remember that the “Fatigue in Covid-19 survivors” study did have a few drawbacks. 2 A lack of a control group and a small study sample were the first and second drawbacks, respectively (such as male participants). Additionally, as this was an independent study, the significance of confounding variables cannot be discounted (in particular, the lifestyle habits of participants may have changed after the initial taking of the supplement used in the study).

Pharmanutra, Fondazione Memmo, Fondazione Angelini, Danone, and Nutricia provided funding for the study “Fatigue in Covid-19 survivors.”

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Concerning PharmaNutra Spa
PharmaNutra was founded in 2003 and is run by President Andrea Lacorte and Vice President Roberto Lacorte.

It creates distinctive medical technology and dietary supplements, managing the complete manufacturing process from proprietary raw ingredients to the finished product.

Its products’ efficacy is supported by a large body of scientific evidence, including 112 papers.

The Group sells and distributes its goods both domestically and internationally. Products are offered through a network of 150 Pharmaceutical Representatives in Italy, who serves as sales representatives for both PharmaNutra and pharmacies nationwide. Through 39 partners chosen from the best pharmaceutical companies, goods are sold in over 50 other countries. Under the SiderAL® brand, PharmaNutra dominates the market for the creation of iron-based nutritional supplements and holds a number of significant patents on Sucrosomial® technology.

A detailed strategy for the management and creation of intellectual property has been created by the Group over time and is based on the integrated management of all the various parts, including proprietary raw materials, patents, brands, and clinical proof.

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